Wanted - You or Your Ideas
Trax FM is always on the look out for new programmes or ideas for programmes. If you have some thoughts that you would like to share with us, please contact us by telephone, letter or email and let us know what you are thinking about.

You may not be able to produce the programme yourself, but we may be able to find someone to do it. Sometimes the most inovative ideas come from a place we least expect it.

Even if your idea is not practical at the moment, we may be able to find the resources at a later date.

Community radio is just the spot to try out new ideas, and you, the public are our most valuable resource. you may not think it can work
but sometimes many heads together, can do wonderful things.

Trax FM conducts many outside broadcasts throughout the year from various locations. we are also on the lookout for people who can assist in these broadcasts. You do not have to go on air, but there are many oportunities to assist our small team to put these events on.
These broadcasts are fun events where we get to meet our listeners, do something to promote the station, and support our community by promoting community events. We even sometimes get to eat during these events, and occasionally it is FREE FOOD.

To get involved just come up to us and say "hello" when you see us out and about. You can also call in to the station at
8 Wandearah Road, Port Pirie. We are open most times during the day, but sometimes we are out of the building and it is locked. We would love to see you, and you will even get a station tour.

If you would like to get involved as an ideas person, get on a committee or just come in for a coffee and a chat, we would love to see you. We also have a couple of regular coffee get togethers each week to talk about anything at all. These are informal get togethers and we often have guests drop in and join in. They are not "meetings" and no notes or records are kept, unless a good idea pops up and we want to take it further later.

You can get as involved as you like, or not get involved at all. There is no pressure to participate. Just by chatting you are participating
in our great community in Port Pirie and surrounds and who knows, the next thing Trax FM does, may have come from one of YOUR ideas.

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