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Mondays with Melanie Ep43 - Paediatric Anorexia Ep45 - Live Sheep Export Ep46 - Claire’s Law Ep47 - Syria Ep48 - Jobs Guarantee

Ep37 - Crustacian Cruelty

Ep40 - Amazon

Ep41 - Cuttlefish and Ports

Ep42 - Cuttlefish Pt2

Ep44 - Welfare Fraud

Ep30 - Smacking Children

Ep31 - Mental Health SA

Ep32 - Face Recognition

Ep33 - Drone Dystopia

Ep34 - Mobile Phones

Ep35 - Microplastics

Ep36 - More Police in SA

Ep49 - National Debt

Ep50 - Nightlights and Animals

Ep51 - Internships

Ep52 - Earthquakes

Ep1 Childhood Obesity Ep2 Ice Ep3 Elderly Suicide Ep4 Cervical Screening Ep5 Mens Rights Ep6 Transgender Children Pt1 Ep7 Transgender Children Pt2 Ep8 Grandparents Ep9 Centrelink Ep10 Older Siblings Ep11 Robots in Schools Ep12 North Korea Ep13 Children Reading Ep14 IVF  Sex Selection Ep15 Cosmetic Testing Ep16 Life Extension Pills Ep17 Poker Machines Ep18 Tesla Batteries Ep19 Universal Basic Income Ep20 Ocean Noise Ep21 Driverless Cars Ep22 Cashless Debit Card Ep23 Same Sex Marriage Ep24 Indigenous Incarceration Ep25 Burka Ban Ep26 Voluntary Assisted Dying Ep27 Sexual Harassment Ep28 Gender Pay Gap Ep29 Bee Decline Ep53 - Prison Radio

Ep54 - AFL

Ep55 - Car Sales

Ep56 - Homelessness

Ep57 - Cashless Senate            Committee

Ep58 - Heart Foundation

Ep59 - General Progress             Indicator